Who is SJ WIlke? Who is TT Underfoot?
I started out as TT Underfoot with the The Spotted Series. It tied back to another website I have -
When I wrote my first mystery novel, A String Of Murder, I decided to use SJ Wilke to differentiate between the genres.
I have an over active imagination. I can come up with a book idea at the drop of a hat, and usually have a dozen or so books started. I like to tell people that I write about what I'd like to do, but can't because of those things calls laws and ethics. Since I can't go out and shoot bad guys, I have Banter do it. And who woudn't want Seroje's photographic memory.
I like to put as much realism in my books as I can. When Banter was born, I purchased and learned how to use a gun. How can I write about Hired Gun if I don't even know how to shoot a gun?
I am also researching HAM radio for a Thriller I am writing. If you are on the airwaves, I am K1ILL. Yes, I do have a HAM radio license, a big radio setup in my livingroom, and a twenty foot antenna in my front lawn. And my neighbors leave me alone (I wonder why?)