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Saturday, May 18, 2019
I previously had a blog, but due to my web site host updating something, it broke. I just love technology. So I have a new way of doing posts. Will see if this works.
Seroje: The See Eye
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Seroje: The Seeing Eye came about as I was researching autism (I am slightly, but not clinically autistic).  I am a functional autistic.  Most people don't even see it.  My Seroje character is a lot like me, but a lot more powerful.  I made her a functional autistic in main society and made it so the people around her didn’t realized, just thinking she was odd.  Seroje blossomed into a full book in less than a month.  This book will never be a best seller, maybe a cult book at best.  It is a very different type of book as it is written by the autistic about the autistic.  You see things from her point of view, the details, the idiosyncrasies, and more.   Seroje is a combination of two Dutch words, roughly meaning, Seeing Eye.  Seroje has a photographic memory so she remembers fine details, thus earned her unusual name.  And this leads me to tell you how do I name characters?
How do I name characters?
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Google translate.  Puns.  And more.  Characters earn their names, sometimes because of what they do or because of a character trait.  Seroje’s name came about while I searched through different languages on Google translate that meant seeing eye, or all seeing.  In A String of Murder, Laura, the main character with a special psychic ability, got her name because it was simple and plain in order to highlight a very unusual person with an unique talent.  Banter got her name because of her character traits.  She, herself, stated she got the nickname because someone said she bantered too much.   Secondary characters get random names.  I just pick a name off the top of my head or check the news and pick a name.  Rarely do they have names that mean anything, or at least intentionally.  Sometime events in a book happen randomly, too.  Will explain that next time.
Life is full of stuff
Friday, July 26, 2019
When I write, the characters that appear on my pages just don’t focus on the plot of the book.  Life gets in the way of things.  I call this adding color or depth to the book.  Children are never perfect.  My main character doesn’t get the bad guy on the first try or even the second.  Women have periods.  Meals must be fixed and eaten.  People do need to go to the bathroom.  And sex is not a four hour affair.  There is also weather to contend with.  There are neighbors, annoying bosses, and the dog.  Need I say more.  And I have to incorporate all those things in a realistic manner.  As I stated, life is full of stuff.  If it wasn’t I’d never be able to get a 70 or 80k word book and all my books would be short stories.  Another way to get a longer book is through descriptions, which we will discuss next time.
Monday, August 05, 2019
Have you ever read pages and pages of some author describing a hot lusty sex act?  Or a whole page of describing a character?  In the first instance, you get sick of it.  In the second, it leaves nothing to discover later on about the character.  Just like meeting people in real life, you don’t learn everything about them during that first encounter.  I like to leave a little bit to my reader’s imagination.  I like to give just enough description.  Give just enough to set a scene.  Just enough to know what a character looks like.  Just enough so my reader knows what is happening.  And as a writer, I know we have lots of senses.  So I need to add smell, touch, taste, hearing, and vision to my scenes.           For example:  The first paragraph in Bantering with A Dandy (in progress)       ****Banter was crammed between a garbage bin and the building.  She was flat on her stomach.  It was impossible to identify the crud on the ground below her.  There was a heavy odor cooking around her that smelled like the combination of urine and rotting garbage.  She had her black hoodie on, pulled low on her face.  The temperature was eighty degrees despite it was almost two am.  She was sweltering.  Sweat kept sliding down the side of her face, irritating her since she couldn’t move to wipe it away.   If she dipped her head at all, salty sweat stung her eyes, blurring her vision.****      I think I just about hit every sense and you know where Banter is and how she is feeling.
Interview with Book Talk Radio Club
Sunday, August 11, 2019
I was interviewed by Claire Harris-Perkins on Aug 11. You can listen to the interview here: https://www.booktalkradio.info/sara-wilke. Claire was wonderful to talk with. Both being pet owners, we were interrupted during the interview process by our own pets. I had Gracie, my cat, talking to me outside the door. I was trying to have privacy and locked myself in my bedroom. But anyone who owns a Bengal, will know that they are part of everything you do in life and so she wanted to be interviewed as well. Claire's dog was whimpering outside her door. The interview consisted of a discussion about A String of Murder and the Banter series of Mystery/Thrillers.
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