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Saturday, May 18, 2019
I previously had a blog, but due to my web site host updating something, it broke. I just love technology. So I have a new way of doing posts. Will see if this works.
Seroje: The See Eye
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Seroje: The Seeing Eye came about as I was researching autism (I am slightly, but not clinically autistic).  I am a functional autistic.  Most people don't even see it.  My Seroje character is a lot like me, but a lot more powerful.  I made her a functional autistic in main society and made it so the people around her didn’t realized, just thinking she was odd.  Seroje blossomed into a full book in less than a month.  This book will never be a best seller, maybe a cult book at best.  It is a very different type of book as it is written by the autistic about the autistic.  You see things from her point of view, the details, the idiosyncrasies, and more.   Seroje is a combination of two Dutch words, roughly meaning, Seeing Eye.  Seroje has a photographic memory so she remembers fine details, thus earned her unusual name.  And this leads me to tell you how do I name characters?
How do I name characters?
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Google translate.  Puns.  And more.  Characters earn their names, sometimes because of what they do or because of a character trait.  Seroje’s name came about while I searched through different languages on Google translate that meant seeing eye, or all seeing.  In A String of Murder, Laura, the main character with a special psychic ability, got her name because it was simple and plain in order to highlight a very unusual person with an unique talent.  Banter got her name because of her character traits.  She, herself, stated she got the nickname because someone said she bantered too much.   Secondary characters get random names.  I just pick a name off the top of my head or check the news and pick a name.  Rarely do they have names that mean anything, or at least intentionally.  Sometime events in a book happen randomly, too.  Will explain that next time.
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